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Thread: Toto Drake vs. Eco Drake & Unifit Adapter

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    Default Toto Drake vs. Eco Drake & Unifit Adapter

    I have two questions. First, I thought I bought the Toto Drake from my contractor, but the model/item # for the toilet bowl on the invoice is for the Eco Drake. The tank item # is for the regular Drake. Does this make any difference? The toilet had already been installed when the discrepancy was discovered.

    Also, this is a replacement toilet and the plumber insisted I only needed a 12" offset. The tank sits 3" off the wall so clearly, my instincts were right, and I did need a 14" offset. The money is not in the budget for a new toilet, and the plumber is long gone, so I was wondering if installing Toto's Unifit adaptor (to achieve the 14" offset) would impair the toilet's performance in any way. That's my primary concern. My second concern is that if anyone sits on the closed seat and leans back, they could rock the tank and break the seal or something. Is that a real risk?

    Thanks, Janet

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    The Drake is a 12" bowl.
    It can be set as close to the wall as 10-7/8"

    The Unifit that some toilets use, like the Vespin or Carlyle will not work with standard bowls like that of the Drake.

    If you want to pull the bowl back closer to the wall, you will need to buy something that uses a 14" Unifit.
    Toilets that can use the 14" Unifit to move the bowl would be
    Vespin II
    Carlyle II
    Carolina II

    Below is a toilet that does use the Unifit adapter.
    The one pictured is the Toto Carlyle.

    If someone is leaning back on the tank like an easy chair, really?
    They lean back on the tank?
    Don't all toilets use a tank and bowl.
    I don't get the question.

    And tanks don't normally touch a wall either.

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    So the Toto Drake doesn't accept the Unifit adaptor. Okay. What I was trying to ask about the tank and the bowl mismatch, i.e. an Eco Drake bowl with a Drake tank is that the Eco Drake uses 1.28 gallons whereas the Drake uses 1.6 gallons. Doesn't that cause a problem somewhere if you pair up the two?

    Thanks, Janet

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    No, you should be fine with that combination. The EcoDrake bowl is the newest, and will work with the larger volume of water using the original tank and setup and the new tank.
    Jim DeBruycker
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    In the Seattle area, we only stock the E bowls,
    And match them up with either the E or S Bowl, depending on how much water they want to use.

    I haven't "seen" an S bowl in over a year.
    The only reason they changed the bowl letter, was that the city rebates required that boxes be marked that way.
    The bowl never changed.
    Only the lettering system.

    Toto Vespin II CST474CEFG with SS114 Softclose seat.
    MaP rated at 800 grams and it still gets rebates for saving water.
    Performance too!
    This bowl was installed on a 13-1/2" rough-in using the 14" Unifit adapter.
    The water shutoff can be as close as 5-1/2" to the left of center, unless it's higher off the floor, and then it can be even closer to center.
    This shutoff had been replaced with a new 1/4 turn valve with brass nipple through the wall.
    Installation was by James Love of Love Plumbing & Remodel 206-949-5683
    In some of the older Seattle homes, the old toilets had been wall mounted tank toilets.
    Those typically are 14" rough-in and need a flange repair to use standard closet bolt connections at the flange.
    Everything is on the truck for that.
    The Vespin comes with a standard 12" adapter or you can order a 10" or 14" adapter depending on your rough-in distance.
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    I know this post is pretty old, but it still shows up at the top of a google search for a 14" rough in (Toto TSU1W.14). So I thought it should be noted that there are now more Toto toilets that can accommodate unifit adapters for a 10" or 14" rough in: Toto Legato/Aimes and Toto Carolina II both can. However, it's interesting that the latest toilet they released - Toto Maris - does NOT accommodate anything other than a 12 inch rough in, at least according to the spec sheet.

    Bottom line is that you should check the spec sheet if this is something you might want.


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