I have two questions. First, I thought I bought the Toto Drake from my contractor, but the model/item # for the toilet bowl on the invoice is for the Eco Drake. The tank item # is for the regular Drake. Does this make any difference? The toilet had already been installed when the discrepancy was discovered.

Also, this is a replacement toilet and the plumber insisted I only needed a 12" offset. The tank sits 3" off the wall so clearly, my instincts were right, and I did need a 14" offset. The money is not in the budget for a new toilet, and the plumber is long gone, so I was wondering if installing Toto's Unifit adaptor (to achieve the 14" offset) would impair the toilet's performance in any way. That's my primary concern. My second concern is that if anyone sits on the closed seat and leans back, they could rock the tank and break the seal or something. Is that a real risk?

Thanks, Janet