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Thread: HUGE thanks to Terry and these forums

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    Wink HUGE thanks to Terry and these forums

    I had a 5-gallon toilet, original to the house, built in 1962 (stamped on the ceramic in the tank), which I can't identify manufacturer, which barely flushed toilet paper. Not a drainage issue, simply a lousy toilet.

    I'd been researching toilets for some time, and came across this site/forums. Reading how great Toto toilets were, I planned to buy a Drake.

    Then I had the extreme luck of staying in a hotel that had a high-end Toto (sorry, I can't identify the model, but it's a high-end model, based on where I was staying). To say the least, I was very impressed.

    Went to and found a basic Drake 1.68g for less than $200 (same price, as others have stated, as buying a similar American Standard/Kohler/etc).

    After some screaming and a 2-plumber team to replace a lead flange connected to copper drain pipe (don't ask, I don't wanna know, only the pain it cost getting all that replaced), I'm happily enjoying a very good toilet.

    I'm not some toilet person, all gung-ho about toilets, but once you have one of these, you can't say enough good things. It's so impressive.

    One last thing, and not to take any business away from Toto/Terry, I was going to stock-up on flapper valves and at least one fill valve, as those always go bad over time, when I discovered (maybe it was here) that Korky makes these for Toto. You can save yourself some serious cash by finding the Korky models (very easy to do) and buying a couple. Never hurts to have a flapper valve around.

    Again, HUGE thanks to Terry and this great site/forums!!!!!
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