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Thread: Is 45 PSI at Point of Use (shower head) enough pressure?

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    Default Is 45 PSI at Point of Use (shower head) enough pressure?

    I'm considering the installation of an electronic tankless water heater that allows GPM of approx. 3 GPM and constricts pressure to 45 PSI.

    Is 45PSI "plenty" of pressure for a shower?

    PS: This unit will only supply hot water for one bathroom, so there will not be other demands placed on the unit.



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    Those of us used to 65+ would find 45 a little low. Millions of folks around the country manage to survive with pressure as low or LOWER than 45. It's all relative.

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    Its early in the morning, and I am just thinking, you have something in this device or in the water line near it that must restrict and even shut off the flow entirely to keep the pressure below 45 psi. Now I am assuming you will be taking a shower with some mixture of hot and cold water, and getting the temperature to stay "nice" may be hard to do unless the cold water goes through the same pressure reduction.

    Make sure that first shower is on video, the tape could be worth some money.


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