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Thread: Hot Water Tank Vent Code Question

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    Default Hot Water Tank Vent Code Question

    Details: 2 story building
    Hot Water Tank located in basement
    Vent exits an old basement window and goes up the side of house and goes out around eve.
    Question 1:
    Are the bends at the eve acceptable or does the pipe need to be held out away from the building for the entire length up the house so that there is no bend at the eve?
    Question 2: Where can I find code information for venting hot water tanks?

    Thanks for any replies
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    You are probably OK. The primary instruction for venting is in the manual for the specific unit, because first and foremost all plumbing related fixtures must be installed in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer.

    On the other hand, the manufacturer, and most if not all code authorities, invoke the National Fuel Gas Code. So that is the reference you should consult. That book is inexpensive and readily available.

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    6" clearance or B-vent, cumbustible surface penetration, B-vent.
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    Default vent

    Your biggest problem is that an uninsulated vent that long probably has ZERO draft, so the fumes are being vented into the basement. At the very least it should be class "B" vent which would have SOME chance of staying warm enough to keep the draft flowing.


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