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Thread: 2008 nec question.

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    Question 2008 nec question.

    in january i was promoted to a apprentice election and i am in my 2nd class residential wiring 2 at the school.my work started me late ( with the school class schedule) so i missed the code book class and i will take it in the fall.

    i have been tring to understand the code book by looking up codes and thinking of questions and finding the answers and i found a question that i can not find the answer that was given to me in school.

    #1. i am told by everyone that you can not put romex in coduit for a continous run,because of heat and #2. you can not put 1 raceway inside of another . ( i can not find these 2 things spelled out in the nec book)

    i found you can run it inside conduit for protection of nonmetallic cable in a basement. nec 300.15(c) nec 334.15(b)
    i know i have missed something

    i want to understand how i should be reading or understanding what i have read to make it make sence . if that makes sence .

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    thanks in advance.
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