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Thread: Sewage Ejector Pump recs - Zoeller 267?

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    Default Sewage Ejector Pump recs - Zoeller 267?

    We are installing a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet in our basement. It will be just a few feet below grade so we need a sewage ejector pump. The bathroom will be primarily for our houseguests so will get intermittent use for much of the year, but intense use for a few weeks every summer, but who knows what the future will bring.

    Thanks to all the fine posts on this forum, I think we will buy a Zoeller #267 non-automatic pump to which we will add a piggy back switch (someone recommended MasterSwitch #10VM1-WP).

    My questions - is this a good decision? Any additional recommendations? I'm completely overwhelmed by all the options.

    Second, anyone know where I can purchase this pump here in Seattle? Fergusons maybe?

    Thank you very much for your advice.

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    Zoeller is a very good pump. You might consider getting a pre-packaged system. You can get a Zoeller Pump and basin with the piggy-back switch and hi level alarm as a package. You can choose the exact basin and pump you want for the package. We bought ours on the website http://www.irawoods.com

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    I prefer the Hydromatic pumps over the Zoeller. Hydromatic makes a ejector system "224 System" it is a 24" x 32" pit with the SKV50 ejector pump I do prefer the Hydromatic Diaphragm switch over any type of float switches. Float switches at times get solids on them which prevents them from turning on. http://www.hydromatic.com/packaged/224.html

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