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Thread: Can you see this?

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    Default Can you see this?


    An invisible light bulb! Check it out.

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    When I visited a lightbulb factory, the manager there said the future was in LEDs.

    But specifically, LED panels that would be thin to place on a wall or ceiling. So get ready.

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    Thats actually really neat , "so small can only seen when lit"

    Man, That's going to be fun working with those things

    Don't drop one , you'll never find it

    But - Seems really cool !
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    I wonder how they can work on it, I guess with really large magnifiers? I would go blind. Imagine, shipping? What would the truck drivers say if they opened a carton and saw nothing in their freight. That would be really interesting.

    If you did drop it, it would be a thousand times worse than finding a contact lense, and... how would you know when you were out?

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    It's the filament that is small, not the bulb.

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    Default exactly

    quote; also probably put a lot of physicists out of work.

    That may also be the reason a lot of medical research is not producing results. Once they find a cure, their grants will end and they will have to find a new project. Much easier to just keep collecting money and going through the motions.


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