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Thread: building-please help!

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    Default building-please help!

    My plumber who did my rough in set my pipes for an upstairs bathroom on the opposite end owhere he was suppose to.-I figure because their was only water for the refrigerators and hot water tanks on the other end. However, that plumber is no longer here ;-( Upstairs has not been finished out-either has downstairs -we just got in the dry. Will it be a big deal to run the plumbing upstairs about 50 feet to the other side? Would it be cheaper to somehow run other plumbing lines and cap off those? How would I go about that?
    Please help-building has not been fun to say the least.

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    It's kind of hard to understand your problem exactly.
    It might or might not be a big deal to run plumbing 50', depends on structure. Maybe at that distance it would be easier to create another stack...then again, maybe not.
    Need more information.
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    There is a plumber out there all to happy to take over wherever the situation was left off. I recommend that.
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    Default questions

    There is absolutely no way we can answer that question without seeing the building. But, there is NO WAY a competent plumber would do that. We do NOT install plumbing the way it is easiest. We install it the way the plans call for it, regardless of how difficult it might be. Either he was working from a set of plans and they should have been "flipped" or he bid the job too cheaply and knew he would be gone before anyone could catch the problem. Although most people would have detected it immediately when they went into where the bedroom was supposed to be and found piping for a bathroom.


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