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Thread: Sump pump - overflow pipe vs. drain pipe

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    Default Sump pump - overflow pipe vs. drain pipe

    When my sump pump runs, the water drains out of the overflow pipe, rather than going down through the "normal" drain pipe, which leads out to the street and city sewer system. Opened up the pipe at the house and do not see any standing water, that would indicate a blockage, at least at the house.

    Now I just noticed, with the recent thawing of the snow, that there is a low spot in my lawn, about 40 feet out from the house, where the sump pump drain line would go. My somewhat educated guess is that I have a crack in the pipe, washing out the dirt in that area, and clogging the pipe, creating the overflow pipe situation near the house.

    My question is simply, how deep is a sump drain line laid on residential property? My home is in southeastern Michigan. I am looking to do the work myself, but just want to know what I am getting myself into in terms of digging up the pipe!

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    Default depth

    It could be from 6" deep to 6' deep depending on what the installer used to dig the trench and other conditions we do not know about.

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