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Thread: Washer fluid leaks

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    Default Washer fluid leaks

    Some yellowish fluids is leaking under my washer. It is about 10 yrs old, should I try to fix it? What is it? Or should I buy a new one? Thanks for any advice!!!

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    Is it oil? If so the transmission is leaking and repair is probably going to cost more than a new machine.

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    Default Washer Fluid Leaks

    Not sure. It is more yellowish/orange. But about 6mo ago I spilled liquid soap behind the washer so I thought it was that, but it should have dry up by now. I put newspaper underneath and it is damp. How do I know if it is oil? Thanks for all your help.

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    Pull the unit completely out and tilt it over to see where it is leaking. Follow the advice and consider a new one; 10 years is a good life for a washing machine. The new ones are made so much better in many ways, including a warranty. Soon enough if you keep using it the washing machine will give you no choice but to buy a new one. The motor will give out.
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    Since as you stated you are not a handy man, you would be wise to call an appliance repairman. I suspect that the fluid is transmission lube, and if it is, a new DW is in your future. You might want to just forget the repairman and get a new DW anyway since, as others point out, your machine is really at the end of its life expectance. An ethical repairman would probably point out that it would not be economically wise to put half the price of a new machine in this one just to gain another year or so, but you would have to pay him for his service call.

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    It is probably the transmission leaking. As many have suggested buy a new one..............I would like to go farther and recommend getting a front load machine..........you will be happy that you did.


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