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    I'm planning work for plumbing bathrooms in my house. The bathrooms are both vertically in line, which is nice, and it's new construction, which is also nice since everything is bare studs at the moment. This is a welcome change from what I've done in the past.

    The main question I have is that I was planning to put the main 3" drain stack on an interior load-bearing wall, which is conveniently 2X6 construction which leaves lots of room for plumbing. The problem is the wall sits directly over a carrying beam in the main floor framing that is flush to the top of the floor joists. There is about 2 1/2" of offset between the outside edge of the wall above and the edge of the carrying beam below. This leads to the question, which is do I have to notch out an inch of the beam in order to fit a 3" pipe down through, or can I put in a couple 22.5 degree elbows to offset around the bean before going into a 90 degree sweep and cleanout? Would the offset ask for blockages?



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    If the "top plate" is 2 x 6 , You can use a 4" OD whole saw and drill through it,

    Then stud guard on each side,

    Hope this helps

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    No notches please. Yes, you can use a couple 22's to offset.


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