I had an AO Smith Vertex (GPHE 50) installed a couple ago weeks ago by a buddy who is a plumber. About week after installation I was checking the condensate loop off the Vent Attenuation Assembly(muffler?) which did contain water at the low end of the loop. When I shifted it around a bit it water started draining quickly down from the VAA and out the hose. To me it seemed like there was way to much water sitting up in the VAA and that it should drain out as condensate forms. As a note the VAA is installed horizontally, not vertically which is the preferred disposition.

Is this normal or should I be concerned about the condensate backing up into the blower?

I attached the linked to the instruction manual, on page 7 is the diagram for the condensate loop. The only thing we did differently is that the VAA loop is not tied into the other loops, as shown in the pic, instead it ties into the drain directly.

Thanks in advance for any feed back