I have a lake home in central mn. The well is about 75 feet from the lake. The lake is a very clean and clear lake. I have a well in the basement. The basement is only about 4 feet above the lake level. My well is 27 feet deep with 23 feet of water in the 1-1/4" pipe. When checking the well depth, I noticed the rod I was using had a suction / sticky feel when pulling from the bottom of the well. I am assuming this is silt/sand from over the years. This well is about 40 years old. The sand point is probably brass which was widely used back then.
I have never had a water supply issue, however the water does have a very high iron content.
I want to pull the well and replace the sandpoint.
My question is: Would it be beneficial to drive the well deeper ? Could that help my water clarity/iron issue? Or am I too deep already with 23 feet of water in the pipe? The lake has a maximum depth of about 30 feet.
Whats your opinion?
Thanks, Bill