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Thread: GE/Rheem hot water heater fails after 5 years??

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    Angry GE/Rheem hot water heater fails after 5 years??

    I'm growing increasingly frustrated with the water in my house so I hope someone out there can help. Here's the deal...

    Started losing hot water pressure to the point where the upstairs shower pressure would fail. More and more spots through the house were getting worse by the week.

    Had a plumber out who wound up finding some type of debris (looked like tiny pieces of white plastic) in the hot water side of faucets. Once cleaned out the pressure was fine.

    Plumber said it was the dip tube breaking down but ours was not replaceable and we'd have to buy a new hot water heater. (He didn't try to sell us a new one).

    Is it possible that a hot water heater would break down after barely 5 years? This seems insane to me. Living in the NY area, it will cost me a fortune to have another plumber out to fix the dip tube, if it's even possible. Should I just buy a new water heater? Could something else be wrong? ADDITIONALLY, it seems like we're running out of hot water after just 1 ten minute shower. It's a 50-gallon tank and the model is a "gas residential SG Series" sold through Home Depot.

    Thanks for any advice.
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