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Thread: Need help identifying a cartridge.

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    Question Need help identifying a cartridge.

    This is for a single handled shower in my friends house. His kid broke the handle off so I need to replace the cartridge. Can't find a make/model marking anywhere on the shower hardware. It does have the letters on it. Here are some pictures. Where can I find a replacement at?

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    Default cartridge

    My first guess would be American Standard, but I will check later to see if I can identify it at a supplier.

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    Default Thanks for checking.

    I also though it looked like an American Standard. But every American Standard design I can find uses three seperate round holes in the back with their own individual seals instead of a one piece seal like this one has.

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    Can you post a pic of the handle and trim plate?

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    Default I'll do that.

    I will post other pictures tonight.

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    Default I figured it out.

    It is an EZ-FLO EZ7010 or EZ7008. Now if I can only figure out where to buy one at. B^) Thanks everyone for their help.


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