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Thread: patching walls

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    Default patching walls

    Right now I'm patching walls after wallpaper removal and before primer, ....I went around the whole room with joint compound appling to everywhere I saw fit...Now I'm sanding and damp sponging the excess, but using a spot light and noticing alot of other slight dimples from uneven paint....I'm thinking about sanding the first layers, because most are just skim coated (not patches)...and then appling my first layer of primer on, seeing what it looks like, then if needed put some more joint compound on the spots that need it, then do the second coat of primer.......what ya think??? I can get rid of the high spots now, that coat it with primer, then if I have any low spots, fill in with joint compound, cause right now in some places I'm sanding/sponging off some of the low spots, but if I seal it with primer I don't have to worry about sanding down too much...right

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    Matter of fact, on WP removals that damage the sheetrock paper... I always prime before I even start repairing & skimcoating.
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