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Thread: Lake Pump doesn't suck water

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    Default Lake Pump doesn't suck water

    I purchased this home last fall and paid a professional to have it winterized.
    This spring I tried to figure out how to turn the system back on.
    I put the long hose and screen head back in the lake and hooked i tup to the water pump.
    I then went and turned on the sprinkler system per the instructions and no water is coming out of the sprinklers.
    I went dow to the lake and the pump is running.
    I opened the main stick valve and still nothing.
    It is not sucking water.
    The pumps moter is spinning but no suction...
    whats wrong?

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    Prime the pump already.

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    Wet Boots is right. You need to prime the pump. How to do that depends on your pump.

    I also bought a house with an on-dock irrigation pump that was never installed. So I started from scratch to learn how it works and complete the installation. Mine will not pump if there is any air on the suction side.

    If you have an instruction manual for the pump look to see how they want you prime it. On my pump they require you to remove a pressure gauge and fill the pipe with water. Yours may be different.

    If you don't have a manual you can probably get one online from the manufacturer. It will also help you understand how the pump should be maintained.

    Finally, you can cut and paste the following link. I found it helpful to understand one person's concept of the whole design.


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    Yes, you need to prime the pump as others said.

    In laymen terms that means you need to fill the pump volute with water before running the pump.

    The "Volute" is the part of the pump where the impeller is.

    Some pumps will have a removable cover on the volute and some will have a plug you can remove.

    You can also "break" or loosen the discharge union and pour water down the discharge side, That will also fill the volute with water.

    Once the volute is full of water, the impeller eye will be able to "draw" the water creating suction and then your pump will run.

    Hope this helps
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    Help the pump out.
    After you have primed it also fill the lake suction hose also.
    If worse comes to worse, your check valve by your lake screen may be stuck shut.


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