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Thread: Zone Valve Trouble

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    Default Zone Valve Trouble

    Hey there, I'm having a bit of an issue, and I'm not sure why. I decided to move the valve manifold to the other side of the wall as it was more practical, and I wanted to clean up the piping the previous owner had done on it with the piping going in all directions. Also, all the threaded connected where all loose and no tape was used.

    So, there are 4 zones in the back, 1 for the front. I re-wired exactly as before. I believe this is simple as taking one wire from each valve and wiring it to the white, the rest connect to the remaining colours. I turn on the water, but all I get is a shit load of chattering and all the zones trying to turn on at the same time. I have it on manual OFF on the controller. I tryed pulling all the wiring apart, but it doesn't change the condition. I'm assuming these are N. off? Can anyone give me any suggestions as to why this is happening?

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    If the valves have flow controls, throttle them off for now.

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    Did you get any dirt in the valves in the rebuilding process? Are all the solenoids screwed in tightly into the valves? Are all the manual bleeders shut? Disconnect the controller from the power source when you shut it down (eliminating an electrical, controller problem).
    It is a rare problem to have all valves trying to turn on at the same time.


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