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Thread: Dropped a screw removal tool down drain.

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    Default Dropped a screw removal tool down drain.

    How do you get something out of a shower drain? I dropped a tool down the drain...now all I see is a dark hole and a little water, no tool. I need a high powered magnet. Any suggestions ...is the tool gone forever or will it stop things up later? I know I need to call a plumber but I was wondering if anyone had some advice before I tell my husband his twenty dollar drill bit just fell down the drain.....? help....

    How do I get that thing out of there???

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    It should be in the trap straight down from the drain.
    The trap is a "J" shaped piece of pipe...

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    How do I remove it?

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    In a shower, not under a sink....

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    Underneath the shower is a P-trap, which will prevent the bit from going further. If the shower is on the first floor the P-trap will be accessible from the basement (if you have a basement). If it's a glue-together trap it will have to be cut out and replaced.

    You might have the right idea about using a magnet. Most places that sell tools sell a small magnet on the end of a thin telescoping rod. This would probably work to get it out too. Another alternative is a tool called "mechanical fingers" that you could try.

    Either of these tools can be found at most auto parts stores.

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    Thanks. I'm thinking the magnet would have to be pretty high powered to pick up that fairly heavy drill bit. Where's a high powered magnet when you need one?..I could bend a hanger and tie it on the end ..but I have no magnet. I had a nickel plated shower drain and wanted to change it to the oil rubbed bronze. That cost 18 dollars. Then the screw broke. 20 dollars for screw remover (now in drain). A plumber will probably cost $150 dollars. SOO..my new drain cover will end up costing around $200.00. I need to go lie down....

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    Your husband will undoubtedly get it out.
    I just post cuz I like to see my avatar.

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    Why would you tell him? You are newlyweds arent you?

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    Magnets on a telescoping rod are available at most any auto parts store and they don't cost very much. Handy gadgets to have around anyway. I'd sure try that before cutting the P trap out.


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