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Thread: Water leaks showing on living room ceiling

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    Default Water leaks showing on living room ceiling

    i have water spot showing about 6-9 inches in diameter on livingroom ceiling and the Master Bath is over this area. this home was built in 2006 , i have nevr done plumbing work and i want to cut out the ceiling peice and attempt to stop this leak from happening please give me any and all advice , thanks

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    I like to see if the leak can be found before cutting holes.
    Careful measuring and finding the corresponding location in the upstairs bathroom may help.
    Post back once you have done that.

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    When you make your report, be sure to note what kind of pipes are used in the attic. Keep in mind that the water could be coming from a vent pipe and water will follow a rafter for a considerable distance before dripping off so look for stains on them.

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    Default leak

    The attic may be immaterial because they stated that it was the ceiling beneath the second floor bathroom. The only advice we can give you, based on the information you submitted, is to open the ceiling at the leak point and then search for the source of the water. Where it is leaking, however, may not be right below where the leak is.

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    For the drywall repair, cut the patch a little oversize, trace outline on ceiling, and cut ceiling opening to match patch. Use strips of 3/4 plywood parallel to joists, drywall screwed to the ceiling and then to patch, if the ends are not landing on joists.

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    Default Start by inspecting the shower and tub

    Do you have a shower, check for missing grout or caulk inside shower.
    If a tub, check for loose overflow or drain inside tub.
    Check for seal around fixtures, especially shower.

    If shower stall, does it have tiled seating area, these horizontal surfaces are notorious for leaking.


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