Hello there guys and girls, Iíve got a problem that I sure could use some help with.

My house is 21 years old and the washer in my upstairs shower hot water handle has given up the ghost. I am just recently unable to turn the water completely off and I have a drip of approximately three gallons every 12 hours.

The problem is that I can not remove the screw holding the hot water handle on. Iíve tried all kinds of penetrating sprays, a little heat, I put a screwdriver in the screw head and gave it a couple of whacks and tried tightening then loosening it. Iím not wasting the water, I catch it and water the animals and plants with it, I just want to get this drip fixed.

Iím guessing that the screw is cross threaded; but would be willing to try any other ďremediesĒ to get that screw loose. If it is cross threaded, what then?

If you require any additional information, Iíll be glad to provide it.

Thank you in advance,