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Thread: powering sprinklers from hose

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    Default powering sprinklers from hose

    is there a problem with going from a hose to pvc to sprinklers (hunter pro series 4" pop-up)? one (underground, all pvc) zone can power 7 heads like this but will going from a hose fitting to pvc deminish the psi or gpm normally?

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    Absolutely! I don't have any of my pressure loss charts handy right now, but you will find that the psi loss per foot on standard garden hose is pretty scary compared to PVC pipe. Your best bet is to run PVC directly to the zone. It's inexpensive and worth it.
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    First, the hose bibb may only be on a 1/2" pipe, so it does not have the same flow capability as a 3/4" line right off the main.

    Second, the loss in the hose will be significant.

    Third, where is the backflow prevention in this picture?

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    Default hose

    The length of the hose, it probably being coiled up, and its inside diameter, will all combine to reduce the pressure and volume. You might not be able to operate more than a coupld of heads on any one zone doing it this way. In addition, if you are using a hose, it will probably, (and hopefully), be connected to a faucet with an external vacuum breaker, which will further diminish the possible volume.


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