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    Talking death is very sobering

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Griffin View Post
    Before my by-pass operation I used to eat that crap all the time. Now I'm a rice and V8 juice fan and loving it

    It's amazing how a little thing like DEATH can change a lifetime of bad habits.
    yes it is amazeing,,,,,

    I was 205 this spring and the doctor put me on blood pressure meds and colestoral meds...

    my sisters forced me to start a jenny craig diet..in mid june

    Actually, its a pretty good diet.
    I cost me less per week for 3 meals a day than I was spending for
    just lunch and other snaks per day......

    and the lard just seemed to fall off me this summer
    and the food is probably better than I have eaten in a long while....

    now down to 179,,
    and I went from a size 38 pants down to 34 .

    now I am all muscle (pretty much).

    cut the blood presusre pills down to half.

    I need to be here for another 15 years if possible


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