I just installed an entire water system in my home. I have a hydrogen peroxide injection system that I installed on a flow switch and replumbed the outside hose bibs to untreated water. After that unit I have a 2 cubic foot carbon filter that I rebeded with centaur catylitic carbon. That unit I have set to backwash every three days for 20 minutes and then two four minute "fluff" cycles after the backwash. After that I go through a "well water eradicator" that removes iron,sulfur,tannins..... It is a anion resin unit among other things as well as a softener.The unit regens using salt. I also installed a RO system on the kitchen faucet for coffee, ice maker,...etc. I know my water has around 5ppm of sulfur bit I still have not recieved the iron and hardness results from the lab. My question is how do I set up my backwash cycles for the softener/eradicator? The unit has a gal meter and you can use that or number of days since last regen. I know I need the hardness number but where do I start? Right now it is set to regen every 1400 galons or 10 days whichever comes first. My demand for water is not huge as it is just me and my wife (and our dog). Any suggestions?