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Thread: Leaky Window in Shower - HELP!

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    Question Leaky Window in Shower - HELP!

    Our house 4 years old and our window in the master shower has starting leaking. It is leaking through the rubber seal on the bottom of the window. The pic is not very clear but the seal was very soggy and when I touched it, it sank in the crack so it is kind-of pushed down right now. The other side (outside of the shower) is where you can see that water behind the drywall. We have the area covered so when we take showers, no more waters gets in. Can we replace the black rubber seal or do you have to remove the glass in order to do this? I know having a window in the shower is asking for trouble....not sure why our builder did it but needless to say we are stuck with it! Does any one have any advice or suggestions? My husband and I are very novice carpenters/plumbers
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