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    Popular Science has a nice writeup on the Neorest 600
    One look at the online demo and you will see that the Neorest 600 may actually live up to being called a throne. To start, a motion sensor detects when you approach and automatically opens the lid. Your seat has the option of being heated, which you can manage from a wireless remote control that handles all of the Neorest's functionality. When you're finished, you control the position and pressure of a self-cleaning nozzle that washes you, front and back, with a warm water spray, and subsequently dries the area with bursts of warm air. Also, the bowl's architecture helps initiate a cyclone flushing pattern that results in low water consumption (six liters per flush) and zero lag time for further use (no waiting for water to refill). The bowl has its own internal deodorizer, and when you get up to leave, the lid closes on its own.
    Neorest 600
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