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Thread: need help identifying tub/shower surround material

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    Default need help identifying tub/shower surround material

    I need some help identifying an item that is sold for tub/shower surround. It's not a surround kit, just sheet goods.

    I used the stuff to cover and waterproof the walls on an indoor greenhouse I built for someone and need more for another phase of the project.

    I went over to Home Depot today to pick some up only to find out they, (and Lowe's) no longer carry it and only have this fiberglass crap that will not work.

    It comes in 4' x 8' sheets. It's ~1.4 - 1.5 mm thick and is white plastic. I think it's PVC, but I'm not sure.

    It's a soft plastic, (not brittle, but still tough), that is easy to cut and bonds with PVC glue. Silicone adheres to it very well, also. One side is smooth, the other is slightly rough.

    I need to track down another 8-10 sheets. If I know what it is called &/or is, I'll have a much easier time.

    Does anyone know what I'm referring to?

    Anybody know who might sell it in the NW?


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    The only panel I was ever familiar with is FRP. ( fibreglass reinforced panel). It is widely used in public restrooms for the walls , and similar applications. I don't know what you don't like about it, or why if won't work for your application.

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    Hi Jimbo,

    FRP is great, (I think that's what the panels HD & Loes switched to are, as well), when the majority of the application is full or nearly full panels with a minimum of cutting, but personally I don't like itching from the fiberglass.

    The panels I'm talking about cut very nicely with utility knife and are fine for a low impact-low traffic-low cost application where durability is not a factor.

    In commercial apps or anywhere durability IS a factor, then FRP's , (or something similar) are the better choice.

    The reason I can't use them now is I can't change materials in the middle of the guy's greenhouse or I will become the topic of a post like I read on here yesterday about a bathtub fixture being installed amateurishly, or the subject of an Angie's list post labeling me a hack.

    Paying attention to the details like this has allowed me to gain 35+ years experience in remodeling and construction without ever having a serious complaint about my work - I kinda like my 'streak' and don't wanna blow now in my 'golden years'.

    On top of not being able to change materials, it's a small, cut-up room; if I had to cut everything with a powertool, I'd be at it until next year.

    The 'crap' reference was more directed at the ever-present retail philosophy of dropping one material in favor of another. It's great to see HD & Lowe's carry the FRP's, but dropping the other, (that's half the price), is short-sighted, frustrating and one more reason not to go back to their store.




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