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Thread: Problem with American Standard shower valve

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    Default Problem with American Standard shower valve

    Hi all, I finally got around to remodeling our downstairs bathroom and by the time I got the tile on the walls I go to trim out my shower and noticed that my shower valve does not come out far enough! I blame the framer, which wasn't me, but the problem remains. I talked to someone at American Standard about this and explained my problem so they suggested I go to Lowes and order an extension kit for the model #1674 Cadet shower unit. This is the shower unit I am using. The part number for the extension kit is M961818-2950A. I took a look via the web and it just looks like a hose connector of some kind and not at all like it would do any good. Has anyone else had the unfortunate luck of dealing with a shower valve like this? I thought I'd throw the question out there! Thanks.

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    The only parts you should need to extend it out, are an extension for the stem and longer screws, (or whatever holds the plate on).


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