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Thread: How can I remove silt from my well ??

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    Default How can I remove silt from my well ??


    I am trying to help my elderly father with his water well. The well is about 30 years old and he was telling me that he just can't get as much water as he used to. He tells me that the silt level has come up over the years. I don't know alot about wells, (I live in the city) and he doesn't have the internet, so I am going to gain as much info and relay it to him.

    Anyways, his well as seen from the grass level is a 24" culvert. I can see the water at the bottom of it and there is about 4 to 5 feet of water until the bottom. The water level from the grass level is about 25 feet or so. Dad says that there used to be quite a bit more than 4 or 5 feet. He isn't sure how he can get the sand/silt out of the well. He says at times, he doesn't have enough water to do 2 loads of laundry.

    Any suggestions ??? Has anyone ever used anything to clean out a well like this ??

    Thanks !!

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    It sounds like a "hand dug" well and by today's standards does not meet code and many times you cannot get a mortgage when you try to sell the home. I'd suggest you get a pro to look at it and they are probably going to recommend drilling a new one.

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    Any well driller or pump guy with a hoist truck with a bailer can do it.

    A bailer is usually a piece of 3"-5" pipe with a ball (valve) in the bottom. The pipe is dropped into the well to the bottom and the water and sediment enters the pipe. Then the pipe is raised and the ball closes the end of the pipe. It is brought up and dumped. Then the process is repeated until there is no more sediment brought up. In this well it might take 2-3 hours until the guy is leaving.

    If you are handy and can rig something like a bailer and have a backhoe or tripod and a winch you and a helper might be able to do it yourself.
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    Thanks for answering...I'll check with him about whether it is hand dug or not....The water quality is really good and no problems with it being cloudy or silty at the faucet....I have heard there is a way to vacuum these out ? Is that a possibility ??


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