Does anybody have any experience with the Marathon toilet from Eclipse? I understand Eclipse is a company owned by St. Thomas that makes builder's grade toilets. I am currently remodeling a tiny bathroom with a 14 in. rough-in toilet. This toilet does not get much use. My options are few -- either get one of the Toto Unifit toilets and have to drill a bunch of holes in my brand-new tile floor, or get a 14 in. rough-in toilet, which is a rare bird. The Marathon comes in a 14 inch. I really want to eliminate the huge space at the back of the tank, and I prefer a round front for space reasons (the Marathon is a round front). My problem is that I can't find any reviews at all on this make/model of toilet. I don't want to spend $200+ on a toilet only to find it's a piece of junk. I have a St. Thomas toilet in my powder room and I love it. But it's a St. Thomas with Quattro flushing technology, not their lesser Eclipse brand, which has Performance Plus flushing tech. I need an answer quickly, as I must order something tomorrow. Please help! If anybody has anything good OR bad to say about this toilet, I'd love to hear it.