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Thread: ABS 2 PVC questions.

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    Default ABS 2 PVC questions.

    Hey guys, The folks at John Bridge's forum sent me over here when I asked about a shower I am rebuilding. The old Drain and trap must be replaced. It's black and I'm fairly sure it is ABS since I have run into that elsewhere in the house. I am having great difficulty finding ABS locally. (Neither the Orange or Blue box has it and the supply houses don't stock it..)
    Questions are:
    1. Is it against code to glue a PVC Drain, P-trap, and elbow to a ABS waste pipe?
    2. If so is Oatey's all purpose cement ok/approved for use? and
    3. If not is a rubber coupling permitted? I really don't like this idea since a failure under the shower floor would be a disaster.
    Any direction on this one would be appreciated....Also a supplier of ABS would be handy if anyone knows of one in the north Georgia area.
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    Using a no-hub coupling with metal shielding would be fine.

    Or you could use the oatey glue that's "marked" for both ABS and PVC use.
    You can check locally if they are code where you live.
    These options are code here in UPC Washington.
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    Thanks Terry.
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