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Thread: Propane to electric

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    I am redmodeling my kitchen where I have a propane gas range. The flexible copper tubing comes throught the floor to feed the range, for some reason there was never a shutoff valve installed; not good. I need to cap of the line before I can do any more work on the kitchen. I bought a flare cap to put on the brass 90 degree elbow that is attached to the flex copper coming up through the floor. Will this work? Do I need to use a copper washer or bonnet with the flare cap to get a good seal?

    I am going to buy an electric range, so I don't really need the gas line anymore. Should I cap it off a the tee in the basement instead of in the kitchen?

    Any help appreciated...

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    Talking do in the basement

    their are a number of ways I can think of that can be done in the basement, I would not just t a flare cap in the kitchen...

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    Default propane

    Remove the tee and replace it with a coupling/union.

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    replacing the tee makes sense...no capped ends that way



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