I am planning to install a bath in our unfinished basement. A new basin/pump will support an existing washing machine and in the future the new bathroom. I was also thinking of installing a washing machine style standpipe drain for a water softener.

I am wondering what others might see as the better of these 2 options-

1. Install 40' of 4" main drain the length of the basement below grade with the basin near the existing above-grade sewer. This would mean that the pumped line would only have to be about 5' long.


2. Install 15 feet of 4" main line (nearest the fixtures) below grade and then having the pressure line from the pump run overhead for about 30'. This would clearly reduce the amount of concrete breaking & digging needed.

Not having been in other houses that requires a basin/pump system, I am hoping to learn about about other upsides/downsides of the installation options.