a plumber just spent 8 hours replacing my shower valve which was behind a fiberglass wall and drywall. no smitty plate. i called a bunch of plumbers and even had some come over to tell me if they could do the job without a smitty plate (because it looks ugly). finally found one, but when he was done, i pointed out how the lever and also the spout was sticking out an inch instead of being flush against the base plate, as pictured on the shower faucet packaging. he said (a) it was a really difficult job (which it was, hence why all the other plumbers declined the job without using a smitty plate) and (b) he followed the specifications provided by the manufacturer's installation instructions. i told him that "a" is irrelevant because he gave me the expectation that he can do the job and he didn't meet that expectation. "b" is arguable, but do you think if the manufacturer did indeed provide inaccurate specifications, is it the plumber's job to know this to guarantee a reasonably accurate job? the lever and spout both stick out an inch and looks TOTALLY undone...i mean, there's an inch of piping and threading exposed between the base plate and the spout!

i still paid him the $760 for his time and i asked him to come back to fix the lever and spout. when he comes back (i'm assuming this will undoubted be extra time i will pay him for since he thinks he didn't do anything wrong), i told him i will take pictures and measurements to show home depot that the specifications provided were faulty and cost me extra time and money. the shower valve and faucet is made by home depot's brand, pegasus, and yes, i know it's the highest quality brand.

what do you think? any advice?