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Thread: pumping water uphill...

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    Default pumping water uphill...

    I am thinking of building a small cabin on the ridge of my farm in Wisconsin. The house in the valley has a good working well, but to get a well drilled on the ridge would be a fortune.

    I am trying to research alternate possibilities such as pumping water from the valley well up the ridge. This house would be very low use and I do not need any real water pressure. I would just fill a water collection barrel every once in a while.

    The ridge is about 250' higher than the valley... the site is about 800 to 1000 ft away from the well.

    Is this possible? or rather, feasible?

    The other option is just to put a tank on the back of my truck and drive water up the hill every once in a while.

    Any advice is much appreciated


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    Default well

    If the pump is strong enough you can pump water to the moon, so the height is not a problem as long as the pump is down in the valley. You just cannot put the pump on top of the ridge and expect to suck the water that high.


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