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Thread: Submersible pump vibration noise

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    Default Submersible pump vibration noise

    I recently had an old buried expansion/storage tank replaced with an indoor expansion tank and the old submersible well pump was also replaced (it is still submersed).

    The company that did the work told me I would hear more noise from the pump because the earth was a natural sound and vibration insulator for the old tank. The supply piping is plastic so there is no rigid materials entering the house, but I'd still like to get rid of some of the vibration noise. I can hear the pump every time it kicks on. Is there anything that can be done?

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    First; the pump should not be cycling on and off enough that just hearing it start would be a problem.

    Second; the pump should not be vibrating enough while it is running for you to hear much at all.

    Third; plastic pipe is still considered rigid, and if you really need to dampen vibration, you may have to use a piece of rubber hose somewhere.


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