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    I just moved into my first townhouse and am noticing a much lower water pressure than all of the apartments I've lived at in the past. Its particularly a problem in the shower upstairs and the toilets don't seem very powerful. Tried removing the shower head's regulator and it hasn't helped. Also tried a brand new shower head.

    I've checked all of my water valves and they are fully open.

    I found the water regulator - its a Watts N35-B. Per instructions I loosened the lock nut, but I can't seem to turn the pressure screw. In carefully and slowly turning to the right to increase pressure - just a very minuscule amount - I can feel the spring, and when I let go it just shifts back to where it was. Do I need to be turning it harder? Just don't want to break it!

    Somewhat related - only one of the toilets has a Governor 80 installed. It constantly hisses (air) and bubbles quite a bit in the tank at the bottom of the device after a flush. If I turn off the water to the toilet, the hissing stops. Is the hissing normal for this device?
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