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Thread: Curious if ya'll can Help Identify Grohe Model ?

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    Default Curious if ya'll can Help Identify Grohe Model ?

    Attached Picture is of my Grohe that is dripping badly and after reading posts on Grohe sounds like I need to call a plumber - however, if I could locate the model number I might be able to have the parts in hand and avoid the cost of two trips. Figure the valve and/or O-rings needs replacement as unit doesn't turn completely off and there is no way to shut water off to shower unless I kill the main.

    The unit is about 8+ years old - Thanks in advance.
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    Grohe, like many companies, make trim that will fit several different rough-in valves...so, you can't tell from the trim only, you need to take that off and look at the guts. Depending on the age, Grohe may just send you the parts for free to repair it. Usually, it's fairly easy to do yourself.
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