I'm involeved in a little project at the neighbor's house - I'm helping out with the carpentry and drywall.

Her father is doing a little electrical work - pulling a couple lights for a closet and hall light from an existing outlet.

The old codger insists on connecting the dimmers/switches to the WHITE/NUETRAL wire and not the black/hot.

I suppose the end result is the same as it pertains to breaking the circuit BUT is it SAFE?

I've NEVER seen one wired that way by a pro and the directions always say black to black and white to white. There is a reason the dimmer switches come with black wires already attached.

Why he insists on mixing and matching - I don't know.

What are the rammifications? Is the house going to burn down? Everything else is done in a neat manner - wirenuts, tape and in conduit (per code in Chicago). But his bothers me.