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Thread: Mulity shower heads

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    Default Mulity shower heads

    My husband and I are remodeling our bath and we want to do a shower with two shower heads. We want them to work individually. We purchased two shower heads with one control and a diverter. My question is how do we make it so they can work together and individually?Also do we have to do anything else to make sure we don't lose pressure with the both of them on?

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    A simple diverter is an either or device. You need a more sophisticated diverter to do what you want. Maintaining pressure with both on will be dependent on your supply and whether the shower heads are stock or modified...a stock shower head can't use more than 2.5 gpm. Most shower control valves can supply 5-6 gpm max, so it should handle two. It depends on how the rest of the house is plumbed.
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    Most people that would like independent control over their shower head also install a second mixing valve just for the second shower.


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