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Thread: Sewage Injector Pump needs replacing?

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    Unhappy Sewage Injector Pump needs replacing?

    I have a basement sewage injector pump installed by the builder less than 3 years ago (we requested a finished bathroom in the otherwise unfinished basement). Three months ago, I began attempting to finish sections and hired a friend to do some framing and hang sheetrock. He did this over a four week period. I also had a roughout for a washer/dryer and a sink added to the main water line of the finished bathroom (on the open framed side) with roughout drain added to the bathroom sink line drain. I don't know if this has created a problem or not, just a side note. It was performed by a licensed plumber and has not been in use, just roughed out. Work was halted on finishing the basement due to financial constraints.

    Now in the past, roughly once a month or so, I would go down to the basement and flush the toilet 3 to 4 times, two flushes to activate the sump pump and two more flushes for good measure. Usually this is just fresh water.

    This month, I went down and flushed the toilet twice, the sump pump did not turn on. Hmm, I flushed again - whoops, sewage was now running out the pump onto the basement floor. I quickly checked the electrical plug, reconnecting to another known working outlet, the pump still did not turn on. I sopped up the mess and contacted the extended home warranty program that I pay for annually just for such emergencies.

    The plumper who came out stated that the sewage injector pump was probably builder supply and that these do not last long. He never unbolted the lid to inspect for other issues. Note, the pump has probably turned on maybe 40 times in the last 2.5 years. It may also be that there has been sewage sitting in either end that has sat for 1-2 months. He is stating that a replacement sewage injector pump will run around $300.00 which appears to be the approximate pricing when I purused online. He is asking an additional $600.00 to replace the injector pump and my home warranty program will only pay $200 of that.

    My questions are: 1) is it true that builder pumps have such poor lifetime usage, 2) can a plumber determine it is the injector pump by just standing and looking at the casing, and 3) is this $600 a fair price to replace the injector pump?

    Thank you very much in advance. I'm a single mom, special ed teacher, out on disability, any help to ensure I'm not getting ripped off is greatly appreciated.
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