"Mr. Wonderful" finds Matt Dillon playing Gus, a Con Edison electrical worker, and Annabella Sciorra playing Lee, Gus's ex-wife"

Full review by the New York Times

Ok, this was a fun movie, and I saw it on Comcast Demand the other night. I don't even have to rent it.

It's not too often I get to see a movie about a tradesmen, and this one showed him on the job and working with electricity.
All you sparkies out there should check this out.
Even me, a plumber, got a kick out of it.
There was even the part where the college professor is making fun of the guy working with his hands.
Sort of get where I'm coming from here?
If you have this on demand where you are, sit down tonight with your spouse or GF and watch this. Good times.
Rated four out of five stars by the New York Times.