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Thread: Pulling Pitless Adapter

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    I recently uncapped my well casing to evaluate the possibility of pulling a dead submersible pump. About 5' feet down the casing I can see a plate that is the same diameter as the casing with 2 semi-circular slots and a bolt in the center. The wire to the pump passes through 1 of the slots in the plate. There is no sign of any safety cable or rope or anything else for that matter above the plate. This is not what I expected to see based on the research I've done on pulling pumps. There is no sign of a pitless adapter. I'm wondering if the bolt needs to be removed and the threaded hole used for pulling the pitless adapter? Does anyone out there have any experience with this situation? BTW my house is about 40 years old, the well is about 100' and the water is used only for the lawn.

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    I wouldn't remove anything until I knew what would happen when I did. There are several manufacturers of pitless adapters and they are all different. Some are held in place with simply gravity, others have jamming devices that push an oring in place against a seat.

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    Post a picture.

    I take it you can't see the water line right?
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    Right. All that's visible is the plate described in the original post and the power wires that pass through a slot in that plate.


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