I am going to purchase a new toilet for installation in a finished basement. The house is NOT airconditioned and the basement often has quite high humidity in the summer months even with good bathroom ventilation. I have had problems with toilets that sweat in the past and am wondering if it is worth the added cost of upgrading to an OEM insulated toilet. I have read some of the other postings on the old bulletin board about sweating toilets. I know for a fact that my toilets which have sweated in the past do not have leaks because I have tested for them. I am not really motivated to install a mixer valve and would really like to reduce my risk of sweating as much as possible with an insulated tank. I have my eye set on a Toto Drake elongated bowl. Is it possible to order the regular (Non ADA) elongated bowl and an insulated tank, if so what would the proper order descriptors be? The second question which pops to mind is: Does the added volume of insulation in the tank reduce the water volume used in a flush or does it degrade the high performance rating of the Drake in any way? My goal is to purchase a performance toilet both in flush and anti-sweat. I really do NOT want to have to go to a power assist model; I will have a sweaty toilet before I go this route.

Thanks for all of your suggestions!