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Thread: What is a "full flush" on ultramax

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    Default What is a "full flush" on ultramax

    We've installed a eco ultramax, about a week ago. Working great until today when we seemed to get a partial clog: gurgling sounds and siphon no longer sucking water down. After plunging a bit, the toilet is now working fine again.

    There was no obvious reason for the clog, so we think maybe the lever was not pressed down enough. The toto manual says something about making sure you press it down for a full toto flush.

    My question is, what does it take to get a full flush; do we need to hold down the lever for a second? how do we know if we are getting a full or partial flush?


    P.S. great forum and overall website!

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    The Toto toilets are so good that even partially pressing the handle will give a flush. The problem is that the flapper when only partially opened gets sucked back down to the flush valve as soon as you release the handle. This only lets part of the water needed for a full flush go into the bowl.

    To get a full flush you need to depress the handle all the way and release it. This ensures that the flapper floats free of the suction of the flush valve and fully opens for the proper amount of time to deliver a full dose of the water required for a full flush.

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    I can only guess what cause the clog. Totos just don't clog unless something more than normal is put into it. Low flow toilets flush a bit differently than the old full flow things we all grew up with. They do not use all of the water in the tank. To accomplish a normal flush, you push and release the lever. The tank does not empty. The proper amount of water is released and the flapper closes. The reason for the "extra" water in the tank is to provide a higher water level in the tank which in turn provides more pressure to the flush. Now, if you deem there is an extra heavy load to be flushed, you can hold the handle down for a couple of seconds and that will release the remaining water. This is not necessary in most cases. I suspect something was caught in the trap way that caused the clog. Plumbers have found very strange things in toilets like cell phones, GI Joes, toothbrushes, etc.. I would suggest you continue using the toilet as described above. If you have a continuation of the problem, come on back.


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