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Thread: Water Pressure Issue

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    Hi Folks,

    My wife and I are having an issue with the water pressure. We have a 100' deep well. We just purchased the home. From the previous owner we know the box, motor (pump motor), and tank (Well X Trol 42 gallon) were replaced in 2005. I don't know what they meant when they said the 'box' was replaced. The well has never run dry. The house was built in 1974.

    The issue we are having is that we have poor water pressure. If we are running water at the kitchen sink or taking a shower, the water will cut off or slow to a trickle if someone else in the house flushes the toilet or turns on the sink. Basically, I cannot have two water sources running at the same time anywhere in the house.

    How would I diagnose what the issue is? Can I repair it myself or should I leave it to the professionals?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    I also forgot to mention. When we purchased the house, the water test failed for coliform. The house had been sitting on the market for sometime so we asked that it should be shocked. This rectified the issue. Don't know if this matters.


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