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Thread: Best dual flush toilets?

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    Default Best dual flush toilets?

    I'm wanting to install a new dual flush toilet in our house (in Denver) and still trying to wade through all the information out there. Terry, I've seen some of your comments on the Toto models and wondered if those are the main ones you would recommend or whether there are others.

    Here are a few things I'm considering:

    1. Would like to find something around $300 or less.
    2. Would like to find something that has more of a traditional look. (The Toto models are okay, but have a slightly more contemporary look in my opinion.)
    3. Would like to find something that is 800 Mpa or better.

    So, with that in mind, it feels like my options are the Toto Aquia EL (the III model is only 500 Mpa), American Standard Flowise Dual Flush, Caroma Caravelle or Sydney (though only the ADA models have higher Mpa numbers), Gerber Ultra Dual Flush, and the Kohler Sterling Karsten Round (though I'd rather have elongated).

    Out of these options, what are best recommendations for performance? Are there any other models I should consider?

    Thanks for any advice...
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    We installed a Mansfield Eco Quantum three weeks ago and love it. $230 at Menard's.

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    WDI EcoFlush
    The Mansfield EcoQuantum and the Gerber dual flush both use the

    dual flushing technology by WDI Technology.

    40% of the EcoFlush tanks I've sold have been replaced already.

    Not too good for a new product in the first year of use.

    The Toto Aquia has less then 1% returns

    Caroma has maybe 10% returns.

    Performance on these dual flush toilets seems to be pretty good.

    It's the return rate that bothers me on some.
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    Anything over 500 mpa is pointless. It seems to me you need to decide if buying cheap is more important than buying quality. It's pretty hard to have it both ways.


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