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Thread: compact elongated toilet recommendations?

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    Default compact elongated toilet recommendations?

    we are remodeling our very small bathroom and prefer the elongated toilet shape, so we're looking for a compact elongated toilet. Because of Toto's great reputation, we were hoping to find a suitable model from them. So far the only elongated Toto models I've found that extend 28" or less from the wall are the Aquia I/II/III. For various reasons, we're not completely thrilled with those particular models. Are there any other elongated Toto options we've overlooked which extend 28" or less from the wall? Or if we were willing to go with another brand, can anybody suggest a different manufacturer's compact elongated toilet which is comparable in quality to the best Toto toilets?

    Thanks so much for any input.

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    You will be hard pressed to find elongated bowls less then 28" long.

    The Aquia is 27-1/4" long.

    With any bowl, you have to add the space behind.
    The Aquia adds 1/2 behind the tank
    The Ultramax adds 3/4"
    The Drake adds 1-1/8"

    I can list other brands too, but then then none are shorter, and the quality starts to slip.

    Cadet Space Saver Elongated, 27-5/8, add 5/8"

    Toto Drake elongated CST744
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    Thank you very much, Terry - for your reply and also for hosting this fabulous, valuable forum.
    With best regards from California,


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