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Thread: Wayne 1.5 sprinkler pump

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    Default Wayne 1.5 sprinkler pump

    Have a few question for the experts. I have access to this particular pump (cheap), and wanted to know if it would work. I noticed it will draw massive amounts of water.It is 20' to static water in my well where I live. I need around 20 gpm. Its probably 200' from my pump to where my hydrant is. Will this pump work or do I need to stick w/ a pump LABELED shallow well instead of sprinkler? Whats the difference? Thanks All

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    That pump won't lift from 20'. Even a shallow well jet will have a problem lifting from 20'. And if the water level drops to 25' while you are pumping, no pump will suck from 25'. See the sticky at the top of the page about "how deep can a pump suck from". You need a submersible pump!!!!


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